(CrowdRoaming is currently in BETA)


Give and Take

CrowdRoaming is an innovative community based idea which highly reduces the cost of accessing the internet with
a smartphone abroad. Local CrowdRoamers transform their smartphones into mobile hotspots. And give foreign travelers
a little chunk of their data bundle for free.

  • ISP in the Box

    ISP in the Box

    CrowdRoaming’s ISP-in-the-Box initiative turns smartphone owners into entrepreneurs while helping those without connection get access to the internet

  • Wi-Fi


    We combine WiFi-connectivity with 3G / 4G access into a powerful and ubiquitous seamless connectivity solution

  • 3G / 4G

    3G / 4G

    CrowdRoaming provides smartphone users with access to the internet while keeping their sim-card abroad