How it works

In the world of CrowdRoaming mobile devices meet and connect. On the one hand there is the local device with its low-cost data bundle. On the other hand the foreign device with high roaming costs. When both devices have our app installed, they connect when in each other’s proximity.

As the local CrowdRoamer is willing to share a bit of his bundle, a fellow CrowdRoamer can then benefit and use the agreed amount of data for free. That is how we connect and that is how we share.

Our local CrowdRoamer can exactly decide how much to share. It starts at 20 MB per month and if he wants to do good he can do even better and help more CrowdRoamers more frequently.

Our apps are smart. They always search for the best connection. If a better connection is detected, that is the one they will connect to. Automatically. They base their decisions  on what they see in a short historical time window. And then consider parameters like signal strength and connection quality.

What’s even better, these connections are extremely safe and secure. They use certificates for authentication. And the encryption makes use of proven cryptographic principles. Your communication is like in the office. It is based on VPN technology which encapsulates and encrypts your messages. So, no one can tap into what you communicate with a friend, a colleague or a family member.

All this makes CrowdRoaming rather unique, we find.

Crowdroaming – Trailer (english) from CrowdRoaming on Vimeo.