CrowdRoaming Digital Connect’s Digitization division works with clients in Europe as well as in the Middle East to turn physical and non-physical assets into bits and bytes with the specific objective of presenting these images via various devices to consumers.

Our division is specialized in building creative high-impact visual renditions of our clients assets and presenting them as impressive multimedia experiences. Our productions can contain sophisticated interactive components which allow the active participation of users. Our propositions can be build around personalized scenario’s to suit the profiles of users from highly diverse backgrounds.
Our services range from digitizing and presenting the tangible and intangible cultural assets of our clients for educational and tourist promotion purposes to high-flying commercial and promotional movies.

Depending on client requirements we can support our clients content with fully customized and proprietarily branded interactive applications for use on most smartphones.

Digitized Art of Youssef Ahmad from CrowdRoaming on Vimeo.

Pearls from CrowdRoaming on Vimeo.

Arabian horse from CrowdRoaming on Vimeo.

Project Management

Asset Digitization