3G / 4G

While Wi-Fi hospitality offerings are ubiquitous across the globe, CrowdRoaming Digital Connect has elevated the connectivity hospitality offering to include 3G / 4G. Traditional Wi-Fi hospitality offerings provide access to hotspots which at best service clients within a range of 50 meters. A hospitality connectivity offer through 3G / 4G does not carry these limitations and thus represents a new and much more valuable proposition to clients.

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We combine WiFi-connectivity with 3G / 4G access into a powerful and ubiquitous seamless connectivity solution


By solving the complex problem of bandwidth sharing in a P2P environment, CrowdRoaming has become an expert in mobile connectivity. The CrowdRoaming app, currently available in google Play store leverages P2P connectivity to avoid high data roaming charges while traveling abroad. With the proprietary VPN technology, CrowdRoaming is able to establish and provide a high level of security and privacy.