General Questions

Being connected to a preferred Wi-Fi network means that your smartphone is already connected to your private Wi-Fi network at home for example. You also could be already connected to public Wi-fi hotspot or any other hotspot in your area.

You are i.e. at home, your friends’ place or in a public place with a Wi-Fi connection. Since you are connected to their Wi-Fi hotspots, CrowdRoaming is in paused mode and will continue to search for other CrowdRoamers as soon as you out of range of your preferred network.

The app will notify you when a local connection is found. At that moment any scheduled mails will be sent automatically. In the near future we will make it possible to look on a map and see where other CrowdRoamers are.

You do not have to do anything to connect with other CrowdRoamers. The app looks for a connection itself and will notify you when a connection is found.

No. When you have the app installed it will not impact your internet activity as your own traffic is always prioritized.

At the moment CrowdRoaming is only available for Android.

CrowdRoaming works on most popular Android smartphones. We have tested the app to run on Android 2.3 and higher.

No, CrowdRoaming is free of any advertisement.

It’s simple. When you are abroad and have the app installed, your phone recognizes the phone of a local CrowdRoamer who also has installed the app and wants to share some of the excess data in his bundle. Automatically an internet connection is established. When you stay in his proximity you can send pictures or read and send your mail. Watch our video to learn more about CrowdRoaming.

Going abroad and coming home with a sky-high telephone bill. This has happened to many people who travelled abroad and forgot to switch off their data roaming. As most people never use all of their databundle, with the CrowdRoaming app you can now make available a small part of your bundle for other travelers to use. And use the internet for free yourself when you are abroad and meet fellow CrowdRoamers who also have installed the app. It is about the new sharing economy, it is about give and take.