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CrowdRoaming is a community based idea that highly reduces the costs of internet use of smartphones abroad. It works by transforming every smartphone with a local internet connection into a mobile hotspot. This way travellers get access for free to internet via a local user. CrowdRoaming enables two devices to connect with each other in order to avoid expensive roaming costs due to mobile network connection in a foreign country.

By data bundle sharing between smartphones CrowdRoaming creates social bandwidth. Make a small part of your data bundle available for friends, family or travelers in your country. Become a part of the growing CrowdRoaming community now.

The app furthermore connects seamlessly and automatically to any other WiFi network with open hotspots .

★ CrowdRoaming is simple: The CrowdRoaming app lets your smartphone automatically connect in a fully safe and secure way with the smartphone of other fellow CrowdRoamers.
★ CrowdRoaming is safe: The application uses certificates for authentication and membership purposes. It is based on proven cryptographic principles. It is this feature which makes the application safe to use.
★ CrowdRoaming is social. We share what we do not use, we collaborate in what we consume. This way we prevent waste and we help each other. And make the world an even better place! It is about connect and share, give and take.

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