Mission & Vision


In our vision technological change accelerates at a pace which makes it hard for traditional incumbent market leaders in the telecom and technology industry to keep up, adjust their business models and meet newly emerging customer demands. This is evident in the telecom sector but also in the field of connectivity between objects (“the internet of things”), the digitization field where new imaging technologies such as ‘augmented reality’ make their entry. This development creates new and disrupting business opportunities at a rate not seen before with potentially extraordinary financial awards.

CrowdRoaming as an innovative technology company thus proposes to strengthen its focus on capturing, managing and spinning-off such market opportunities.


CrowdRoaming’s mission then becomes to identify business opportunities in the technology and telecom industry, define business models around these opportunities and short-term decide on growing these businesses.

CrowdRoaming currently has identified three possible business lines, i.e. Digitization of Culture in GCC region, European 3G / 4G Roaming and ISP-in-the-Box.

It is proposed that – next to validating the viability of these propositions – further effort is put into identifying promising new opportunities.